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The Demise of Large Name Traditional Brokerages

If you have been working with big-name real estate agents such as Coldwell Bank, Tellus, Compass, Century 21, Keller Williams, Berkshire Hathaway, or others, you are aware of disruption being felt in the real estate brokerage model. New strategies and technology are giving consumers more information than ever as alternative business models. The 100% commission broker is becoming the growing trend among real estate brokers.

What is the 100% Commission Broker?

When you hear '100% Commission Broker,' you most likely think it is a program too good to be true. Collecting one-hundred percent of your commission sounds impossible and unlikely. The truth is, however; you do receive one-hundred percent of your commission and give up very little, such as:

  • You will no longer hold an office at a large name traditional brokerage firm but have access to community desks

  • You are not given access to training or industry meetings with a brokerage firm but have access to 1-1 broker guidance

  • You are not held responsible for purchasing signs, posting ads, or required to perform home showings according to a firm's schedule but on your own budget

Instead of these amenities, you get to keep all the money made from a sale of a property without having to hand a portion of it over to the large name traditional brokerage firm, and just paying a small token file fee.

You also have the benefit of becoming a self-reliant business owner without strings. You become more of a free agent who is able to schedule your own showings and have more flexibility as to how and when you will work. These are the benefits you will enjoy as a 100% commission broker:

  • As part of a team in a 100% commission broker, you attain your training and update meetings for the industry on your time, and on your own terms and with the guidance of the broker

  • A 100% commission broker has no quotas to meet or fulfill, you will work as you need and want, and there are no unnecessary meetings 

  • You will have the flexibility to create your own brand as a real estate agent

  • There is no pressure to use an in-house brokerage services if you are in a 100% commission brokerage

100% commission brokers often offer similar services that a traditional brokerage firm offers, but only as an option, not as a mandatory portion of a contract.

The Demise of Large Brand Brokerages Make Way for 100% Commission Brokers 

100% commission brokerages are a significant cause of the demise of the large brand brokerages. The 100% commission brokerage allows you to negotiate more favorable commission splits, if any, or create commission caps, so there is a limit on the amount you have to pay the brokerage. If the large brand brokerage firms want to retain top agents, they will have to offer better commission splits, invest more in their marketing and technology solutions, and offer nicer offices. Without offering these incentives, the large brand brokerages are falling more on the wayside, as the 100% commission broker continues to rise.

As a real estate agent, you cannot be everything to everyone, and you should not be expected to be this type of representative. As part of a 100% commission brokerage, you have the freedom to hone specific skills, such as creative design, listing management, data research, and other skills that will make you a top agent. A 100% commission broker allows you to focus on your strengths rather than total focus on commission and competition.

Stanfles Realty offers you highly competitive flat transaction fees along with access to our Corporate Branded Offices located throughout California. As one of the few successful 100% commission brokerages in the State of California, you will appreciate our network that includes clients from overseas and local channels.

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