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Ideas to Level Up Your 100% Commission Real Estate Career

If you are in real estate, you know there are a lot of reasons to enjoy your career. There is no other industry that offers the freedom you will find in real estate. When you join a 100% commission real estate brokerage firm, such as Stanfles Realty, you have control of your destiny as you build your business.

No one hears an agent say they enjoy sharing a large portion of their hard-earned commissions with their broker. When you join Stanfles Realty 100% commission real estate brokerage firm you never have to share a commission.

These are some simple secrets for you to use as a 100% commission agent that will help you build a successful career and improve your financial future.

1. Build and Increase Your Knowledge

The real estate industry is highly competitive. When you begin your 100% commission real estate career, you have to take advantage of every opportunity. Taking every advantage means knowing your competitors. You should also increase your knowledge in investment properties, commercial real estate, as well as property management. Knowing more about these areas will allow you to help a wider range of clients. Understanding these areas better will also make you less dependent on others. Clients will begin coming to you for advice.

Another area to increase your knowledge in is potential zoning changes and planned housing or commercial developments when you set out to 'farm' neighborhoods. Trying to widen your client base by 'farming' neighborhoods means you should also learn where roads will be widened, and whether or not other infrastructure changes are planned. Knowing more means your earnings will be more.

2. Set Your Goals Beyond the 'Closing'

In the real estate business, it is easy for an agent to become disenchanted when a lead doesn't follow through to a sale. When you begin to develop your 100% commission real estate career, you must set your goals for every day, week, or monthly. The goals should be things you know need to get finished, but are often put off for another time.

Goals can be related to how many leads you develop, related to your email inquiries, for calls you should make, or showings you should schedule. The goals are what will take you to a lead that will result in a showing and then a sale. Achieving all your goals will make it more likely that you will achieve more closings and sales. These goals will also motivate you more in your tasks.

3. Reinvest Your Earnings

If you work for yourself, you know the importance of reinvesting in your business. Being a 100% commission agent means you will be pocketing more money and it is important to reinvest some of these earnings so your business continues to grow. Some of the ways to invest some of your extra money would be to purchase a faster computer or a more capable smartphone. These items will help you perform your job faster, and help clients more effectively and quicker. Another method of reinvesting is to upgrade your wardrobe or workspace.

4. Take Time Off

As a 100% commission agent, you don't have professional commitments or obligations to a broker for meetings, floor time, or advertising. When you are successful in your career, it will mean more 'me' time for you, including taking time off. Vacations and time off are necessary to relax and rejuvenate. Time off gives you an opportunity to clear your mind and think up valuable ideas to move your career forward.

Where to Learn More About Leveling Up Your Real Estate Career

Stanfles Realty a 100% commission brokerage in California offers new starts in an exciting career. Contact us today and learn how you can become a successful team member with our competitive fee structure and excellent support.

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