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Why Join the Team at Stanfles Realty?

Stanfles Realty is now hiring top-performing and motivated new real estate agents. If you want to receive 100% commission and work for a growing company, you want to join the team at Stanfles Realty.

What We Offer at Stanfles Realty

When you join our team at Stanfles Realty, you are joining a winning team. We are a 100% Commission Realty with a fee structure that is the most competitive in the market. With the 100% Commission model, you have more money in your pocket.

With Stanfles Realty our fee structure is at $494 per transaction under a million, or an annual E&O of $99 if you have no deals closed. We also provide you with excellent broker support and office leads to some of our top responsive associates.

Join us at Stanfles Realty and you have no monthly desk fee. That means more commission money in your pocket. You will have access to our premium offices in downtown Los Angeles, Irvine, and San Diego. Another added feature is we will provide you with free business cards at your request.

What are the Advantages of 100% Commission Realty?

Do real estate agents often wonder what a 100% commission real estate broker model is? This business model means you get 100% of your entire commission and not the traditional percentage where some or most of the money gets funneled back to the real estate office. The business model depends on an alternate form of revenue and not from the agents’ commissions.

With the 100% commission real estate model at Stanfles Realty, you pay a $494 transaction fee under a million, and in return have access to free training, open work areas, and one of our three office locations.

Some 100% commission brokerages charge up to $1,000 a month or more for desk space and other monthly amenities, but at Stanfles Realty, this amenity is free. This no-fee desk space breaks down to more profits for you.

Why 100% Commission Realty is so Successful

The reason behind 100% Commission Realty being so successful is opportunity and technology. In the past, property listings were not accessible online, that was followed by the multiple listing service made available only to licensed real estate brokers. Today, real estate professionals have access to websites where they can meet clients and view listings anywhere they have internet access.

Why you will be successful with Stanfles Realty is you will keep the commission money on every property minus the transaction fee, which is going to be a substantial difference in your income. It will be up to you to set your schedule, showings, and appointments, so not only will you make a better income, you are going to experience greater flexibility.

These are a few of the advantages of joining the 100% Commission team at Stanfles Realty:

  • Complete transparency of what you pay

  • You will not be pressured to use in-house brokerage services

  • There will be industry training when you need it

  • You will not be held to a sales quota

  • You will be given the flexibility to build your own brand

Join the Winning and Expanding Team at Stanfles Realty

Call today and start your career with Stanfles Realty. We are expanding our franchise network globally, which will give you access to clients both locally and overseas. Don't let this opportunity pass you by, join Stanfles Realty and earn what you deserve.

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