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Social Media Tips for a 100% Commission Realtor

A 100% commission realtor will receive 100% of their commission with each transaction. This realtor model allows you to increase your income significantly, and to do that, you need people to know about you. Social media is the perfect platform to get your name and qualifications out there for potential clients to learn.

Real estate social media has grown significantly more important. These platforms are where you can close deals, find more leads, and increase your income. While these platforms are the perfect tool to increase your profits, many agents struggle with how to use them. These are some social media tips to help you with marketing in the coming year.

1. Be Consistent and Create Unique Content

Being consistent and having unique content in your social media will get you noticed and remembered. If you are unsure how to perform this, talk to an expert for tips and ideas, or even hire one to create it for you. You want content that is custom-branded to your expertise as well as to your community. Maintaining these goals will give you an edge over your competition.

2. Use Great Titles

On all social media platforms, there are algorithms that use keywords to sort clicks and engagements. If you have weak titles it will not matter how great your content is as the algorithms are not going to show it to anyone. These are some tips for writing great real estate social media titles:

  • Titles should be sixty characters long or less

  • Use titles that are sweet and short

  • Use recurring words when possible

  • Use numbers where ever you can to be as specific as possible

  • To build viewers curiosity, you can use parentheses or brackets

3. Focus on Variety & Be Authentic

To create a great Instagram account, you are going to need variety. People don't want to read about real estate facts or just look at one listing after another. You need to balance your pages between life events, real estate, and things of interest. Give followers an insight into who you are as a person and that you're not just a real estate agent. People tend to do business with someone they can relate to versus total strangers.

4. Focus on Engagement, Authenticity, and Thought (E.A.T.)

Engaging through social media means you reply to posts. Answer your follower's questions and then ask some of them as well. When you hear from followers, or get feedback from them, you can create more unique content in the future.

Authenticity is more than just putting out some pretty pictures. Show some of the hard work you put into showing a property. Post some photos of painting walls to prepare a property, or how you have to clean up certain areas before showings, anything to put some personalization into your work.

Thought leadership consists of giving some of your thoughts about the property you're listing. Maybe the apartment up for rent has a better layout than most you've seen, or perhaps a house is in a great neighborhood and why, anything to make the posts sound more like you're an expert in listing properties.

5. Use YouTube

YouTube is a powerful tool for you to use. This platform will allow you to build brand awareness on a much larger scale. By creating the right content for YouTube you'll make an impact on people and gain more business.

Where to Find the Best 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage

Stanfles Realty has opportunities for you to be the most successful real estate agent possible. Our 100% Commission model is the most successful in the industry and we welcome you to join our team to learn how you can start putting more money in your pocket.

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