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Sales Tips for 100% Commission Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent working in the traditional agency where you share your commission, now is the time to join the team at Stanfles Realty, a 100% commission broker, and keep the commissions you've earned. Joining a 100% commission real estate team allows you to make the money you deserve on your real estate transactions.

The 100% commission real estate model is becoming more popular as agents begin to see how more profitable and beneficial it is to keep all the commission money. By following these sales tips, you too can be more financially successful with your real estate transactions.

Don't Be Just a Good Real Estate Agent, Be a Great One

When experts were asked what separates the best agents from the average ones, the answer was best explained through a number of tips used by 100% commission real estate agents.

1. A Few High-Quality Relationships are Better Than a Lot of Low-Quality Ones

A lot of real estate agents place their focus on having a lot of relationships, and many of them are low-quality. When you focus on high-quality relationships, you have greater opportunities to be successful. Spending too much time on deals that are not going anywhere is a waste of precious time and spreads you out too thin.

2. Work Hard Because Time and Effort Pay Off

There is no substitute for hard work, and being a great real estate agent requires a lot of time. Your success will be measured by how effective you are as there are no half-done deals. You either work hard, and close the deal, or you've accomplished nothing.

3. Do Not Over-Sell

If your buyers feel pressured, they will begin to feel resentment towards you. When working on a deal, you should educate, advise, and keep your buyers focused on their end goal. When working on a deal it is important to keep your client's needs before your own.

4. Have Options to Offer

To build trust with your clients, you will have options for them to consider. Do not push these options, but rather allow your clients to make the choice based on their needs. This tactic will build trust between you and your client.

5. Have a Human Approach

It is not salesmanship to put all your emphasis on making the sale and getting the contract signed. Your ultimate goal and responsibility are to serve your clients. When you try too hard to win your goal and forget what theirs is, builds distrust. When you focus on your client's needs, success will follow.

Learn How to Be a Great at a 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage

The above tips will help you become a great agent at a 100% Commission Brokerage, but there are other things you can do to improve your success. While a lot of people possess a built-in or born-with natural ability to be a successful salesperson, others can learn how to master being great.

These are some of the sales skill you can learn:

  • Be Proactive

    • When you are proactive you'll find it easier to write great emails, give better presentations, and make good phone calls to potential clients.

  • Listen and Ask

    • It is helpful to be an active listener, and to know when to ask your clients questions, and what to ask. When you master these two skills, your efforts to help will make you appear not only sincere but also compassionate.

  • Be Compassionate

    • Being compassionate means you understand and care about people. Your clients have to feel you care about their needs and working on their wants. When you display compassion, you create a bond and a relationship with clients that want to work with you.

  • Follow Through

    • When you have a great pitch, it should have a great follow-up and follow-through. Make sure all your great pitches are concise, and then follow them up and all the way through to the finish.

Where to Learn More About Joining a 100% Commission Real Estate Team

Stanfles Realty is the only 100% commission brokerage in California that focuses on the Agent as the client. We have buyers and sellers both from overseas and local channels and are ready for you to join our successful team. Contact our office and learn how, with a highly competitive transaction fee, you can gain access to our branded offices located throughout California. It's time to turn your real estate skills into success and we're here to help.

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