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Looking for Top Performing, Motivated Individuals to Join Our 100% Commission Real Estate Team

If you are looking to advance your real estate career, Stanfles Realty is looking for top-performing, motivated individuals to join our 100% commission real estate team. We are expanding our franchise globally and can open opportunities to you from both our overseas and local channels. We also offer multilingual support.

We have over fifty years of aggregated brokerage management experience, and our admin team will provide you unsurpassed services and support when you come on board with us.

What Stanfles Realty Offers When You Join Our 100% Commission Real Estate Team

At Stanfles Realty, you will be offered the most competitive fee structure in the market. We offer $494 for each transaction under a million or an annual E&O of $99 if you do not close a deal. There is no desk or monthly fees requested, which means you keep more of your commission.

When you come on board with Stanfles Realty, you receive excellent broker support and office leads, and are able to meet your clients at our downtown offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, or Irvine. You choose which is most convenient for both you and your clients.

Another benefit for joining Stanfles Realty is the free business cards you will receive to hand out to your potential and existing clients.

Why Join Stanfles Realty 100% Commission Brokerage

In a traditional real estate brokerage model, you split your commission anywhere from 50% to 80% with the company. With 100% commission brokerages, you pay a flat fee, and the commission is 100% yours. This split is much better than the traditional splits at other real estate companies.

The 100% commission model for real estate has been around for years, but the popularity of this model has been increasing in recent years. The increase in popularity is due much to modern technology offering services such as DocuSign where you can obtain signatures electronically on your legal documents.

When required paperwork was removed from the office setting, it changed the real estate industry. Real estate agents now have greater independence and do not have to rely on typical office infrastructure. However, if you prefer or need this setting with your clients, Stanfles Realty will provide you the space necessary in our downtown offices.

MLS data has also changed over the years and can now be accessed through private websites. Sellers and buyers can access this information online, and 100% commission agents can even access it from the comfort of their homes.

Stanfles Realty 100% Commission Brokerage Offers Stability

Stability is a significant factor for you to consider when thinking about changing your real estate career. Join our team at Stanfles Realty and you will be with a brokerage that has years of experience and complete knowledge of the industry with the tools and resources available to ensure your success. One of the most significant factors when considering a new career is if your change will be with a firm that has a stable setting in the industry. With Stanfles Realty 100% Commission Brokerage, you know we offer the best stability in predicting your future success.

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