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Joining a 100% Commission Brokerage VS a Traditional Brokerage

If you are a traditional real estate agent, you are splitting your commission with your broker. In return for this split, you are most likely provided office space, phone, courier, and mail services. You may also be receiving benefits from the company's advertising campaign, client leads, and perhaps even free coffee.

In today's real estate market there are agents who find security by not paying for amenities. These agents simply close a deal and walk away from a sale with a 50/50 split on their commission.

If you were to join a 100% commission brokerage, you would be keeping your entire commission. If you stay in business, there are small office fees for using office amenities and a desk, and other office services. If you are one of those agents who prefer to work from your home, there may be a small 'per transaction' fee at the close of a sale.

Why 100% Commission Real Estate is Now Preferred Over Traditional Brokerage

The more successful real estate agents prefer the 100% commission model over the traditional brokerage as they can earn more money. 100% commission agents receive a greater income than those in the traditional brokerage model. A couple of reasons the 100% commission real estate has gained popularity among agents is due to opportunity and technology.

At one point you had to be a member of a licensed real estate broker in order to gain access to MLS (Multiple Listing Service.) These thousands of listings were only available to those with special access. Now, the MLS data is available online from numerous websites and allows public access. This change makes it possible for agents to meet clients anywhere if they have online access. You don't have to be part of a traditional real estate office to have access to the MLS any longer.

Another factor that makes being a 100% commission real estate agent more favorable is the ease with which electronic scanning of transactions can be completed. Digital signatures on documents can now be sent through email with services such as DocuSign.

Benefits of Becoming a 100% Commission Real Estate Agent VS Traditional Brokerage Agent

As an agent with a 100% commission broker, you will have the opportunity to earn greater income. There are yearly or monthly fees that will cover support, training, office space, and with some agencies, you receive marketing materials. This fee is a flat fee you will pay regardless of how many properties you sell a year or a month.

A traditional real estate brokerage is designed to be confusing. They will hide as much as they can regarding the payment commission splits, fees, and payment structures. These hidden truths result in you taking home less than what you earned. The 100 % commission broker is transparent, clear, and easy.

As an agent with a 100% commission broker, you don't have someone harassing you to make sales or meet specific quotas or come for training or meetings. With a 100% commission agent, you are allowed the flexibility to run your business as you like. You are also given the freedom to make your business personalized without the worry about big-box brokerage restrictions.

As an agent with a 100% commission brokerage firm, you control your schedule, you are not controlled. You are in control of your time, your business, and your finances. This system does not mean you're out on your own entirely and in the cold, it means you are empowered to make the choices that are in your best interest and your business's. Of course, the broker is always around to support if needed.

How to Join a 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage

Stanfles Realty 100% Commission Brokerage offers you a highly competitive transaction fee structure when you join our team. With access to our corporate branded offices located throughout the State of California, you will benefit from overseas and domestic channels. Make the change and become more successful in the industry as a part of our 100% commission real estate team.

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