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Best 100% Commission Broker in the Business

If you are looking for a change in your real estate career, join us at Stanfles Realty as we are the best 100% commission broker in the business. One of the greatest advantages of joining our team is getting more money in your pocket. As a traditional real estate agent, you have to share your commission, with Stanfles Realty, you take it all home.

Advantages of 100% Commission Real Estate

Traditional real estate agents share or split their commissions with their broker who in turn provides them a desk, mail and courier services, client leads, many meetings, a phone, and free coffee. The advantage of joining our 100% commission brokerage is your potential for earning greater commissions while doing away with a lot of unnecessary services or meetings.

The need for client leads is no longer the advantage it used to be in traditional real estate, as the MLS data can now be accessed through private websites. You can locate your information without having to give up part of your commission for that data. The physical store local area monopoly once held by traditional real estate brokers is obsolete, and with recent technology, such as DocuSign, paperwork in an office is no longer a necessity.

100% Commission Real Estate Versus Traditional Real Estate

1. Stability in the Industry

A significant difference between 100% commission real estate and the traditional form is stability. The real estate markets are a constantly changing industry. In some years there is a fast growth, while the following year may see a downslide. A traditional real estate brokerage often struggles with these changes. A study conducted on these brokerages showed most close within two years, while a handful survives through the bad and good times. The main reason is cost management. A 100% commission brokerage has low-cost structures to weather any storm.

2. Cost

Not all 100% commission real estate brokers ask for the same fees at the same amount. The three most common ones you will see include:

  • Yearly fee

  • Flat fee at closings

  • Monthly fees

  • Transaction support services fee

When you do the math with these fees compared to giving up half or better of your commissions, you will see there is much more money going into your pocket.

3. Self-Reliant Business Owner

Another significant advantage of 100% commission real estate is you become a self-reliant business owner even if under contract with a brokerage. This advantage means you have no strings attached. You are responsible for setting your schedule, appointments, showings, and are given flexibility when and how you work. Other advantages include:

  • Build your brand as a real estate agent

  • Transparency of fees

  • No in-house service pressures

  • Industry and sales training when you want, and not on someone else's terms

  • No sales quotas to fulfill a contract

These advantages will allow you to feel like your own free agent.

Who is the Best Commission Broker in the Business?

Stanfles Realty offers you the opportunity to work with the best commission broker in the business. We invite you to join our winning team with a competitive flat transaction fee structure along with access to our offices located throughout California. Hiring is selective and if you are looking to expand your income and success, talk to one of our expert team members to learn how to get on the winning team.

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